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  • Issues With Latest Update

    Downloaded the latest update this week and am having some issues. For some reason, the WIMGPS screen goes completely blank when I leave it onscreen and jump back and forth to RR. When this happens I no longer know whether updates are being transmitted or not. For some unknown reason it stops working a minut or two later, locks up my screen and I have to use the task manager to kill it and restart.

    I also noticed in the latest update WIMGPS only reads the GPS data once then transmits, whereas, the old version would collect 4-6 inputs from the GPS and then transmit. Was this intentional?

    Can you move the WIMGPS window start location to 0,0? When it first starts on my system its half offscreen in th lower right corner and I have to move the window to be able to see the whole thing.
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    1.) Currently that is by design. It will be resolved in a future update. When the program is sending coordinates to the server, the app will appear to "hang". I just haven't rewritten that part of the code. Just give it time to complete the upload and you will then regain control.

    2.) All data received was displayed on the screen. This is no longer the case. It only shows when you are either saving, or logging. That is by design.

    3.) I might be able to accommodate that request
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