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Joypad volume reduction - Joypad mouse

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  • Joypad volume reduction - Joypad mouse

    Tried to find a simple xbox style joypad to mouse patch / program, ended up writing one....

    This one allows the joypad to drive the mouse, or for it to mimic the stick position, IE relative or absolute movement.

    Pressing button 9 will also reduce the volume until you release the button, plan was to wire this via a relay to the dome light so when Iopened my door coming home at night I did not wake the neighbors.

    was also playing with this other prog

    It waits for a password to be entered, but the little splash screen has a text input box which can be seen by the siemans mouse id software (or others like m$) so it can work with thumb / finger print software so you have no need to enter the code, just press your sensor etc.

    Please read all ini files etc for clues and its provided for download on a take your own risks basis, but its only in VB

    (Oh and AVG passed it clean)

    All comments welcome, these are my first carpc related attempts, and first VB experiences
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966