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  • X's Sync V0.1 - Tool to...

    X's Sync V0.1:

    Short description:
    This simple [only to the beholder] program was made to answer a simple need i had. My carputer uses W-Lan inorder to copy the mp3,vidz,etc.. off the home's LAN. Now insted of manually copying everytime, and checking which files are newer and which arent, etc...

    I've created X's Sync, this program when activated, checks for LAN connection, if such exists it starts copying all files that their date is newer[!!!] than the newest file in the destionation dir[!!!]. It will also copy subdirectories with all their content.
    more over, if theres no connection available, it will check for connection every X ms [millisecond]. You can even tell it to automaticlly MAP a network drive, this is the recommended way of using it and avoiding problems and possible bugs.

    So, to conclude:


    * Copy latest files in a 'FROM' folder, to a 'TO' folder
    * Includes subdirs
    * Check for LAN network connection to work
    * Can idle and check every given interval [in ms]
    * Can map a drive, by a given path - usefull for remote computers
    * Simple, no need to work with, all the process is automated
    * Fully configurable through a simple INI file
    * Copy any extention within the 'FROM' dir
    * Was made in 1 day, probably wont be supported [hey, this is a disadvantage, ho well.. ]

    Anyway ... if you are in the need of such tool, try this one. I've searched the forum upside down for a tool that does this.

    Happy musici'n!

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    Cheers, yours, X. The link: Click below
    XMen's CarPC Website

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    I've just saw theres a program by skippy76 called "net detection". Sorry wasnt here for a while... though it doesnt do the things X's sync does..
    i'd say its a great program he made. (haven't tried it yet).

    If anyone got problems with the detection of LAN, maybe he could use "net detection" and use it with X's sync.

    just a thought [i prolly won't support X's sync.. ]
    Cheers, yours, X. The link: Click below
    XMen's CarPC Website


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      There is also ezsync which I think does almost the same thing. But I gotta give you some props because of the work you put into this. Something I couldn't have done. Good job.
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        Thats cool man... didnt know EZSync, wasnt here for a while
        I appriciate your kindness... and you know, maybe others should learn.. .we are a community, its a great thing that there is more than one tool, that everybody are helping each other. I made it for my personal use, but didnt think twice about sharing it.
        Cheers, yours, X. The link: Click below
        XMen's CarPC Website


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          welp... nope

          EZsync is different... in the whole idea..

          anyway, yea the more the merrier i still haven't seen an app that does this but the rest can be combined i guess..
          Cheers, yours, X. The link: Click below
          XMen's CarPC Website