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  • Couple Questions

    Hello Once more. hope you don't mind answering a couple questions.

    1) Is there a voice command to make NaviVoice exit/close itself

    2)Out of all those GPS commands which ones work/are compatible with Map Monkey

    3) which commands are compatible with Road RUnner

    4)How do you interface commands like "destination home", "play", "stop". I don't see you using macros for them like placing a mouse in a certain position and then pressing the mouse button. do you actually write some code to interface with the mapmokey sdk and winamp? I am asking because I would like to do more voice commands like this. (like be able to scroll up and down the adress sellection in mapmonkey)
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    1) "Exit navigation" I think is #7.
    2) Try them out.... most of the reply commands are for MM. The POIs are for iGudiance/Routis.
    3) Try them out... easy way: don't have RR running and say the command and see if gives u a message box.
    4) Destination home is a favorties command. The config program can configure it, but you'll have to edit the XML file. Play, stop are hardcoded. I wanted to add scrollup/down but its not in the SDK.
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