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    Hi just trying to play wid NAVI VOICe

    How do i get to configure the software to run FP.
    do i need Iroutis or any other program as well or is it possible just to configure FP to be worked upon with NAVI VOICE
    and can i also use any other program wid navi voice,, how about using the calculator funtions wid it
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    You don't need a navigation soft to use navivoice (david is changing the name of it because it confuses people).
    If you have the latest version (1.7) and everithing is install correctly (microsoft’s SAPI and Agent 2.0)you need to call the APP by saying "boris" then he will reply saying "lisening" and the ypu say "open media player" and FP will open then (of course you can edit the Xml file to change the name of MP to FP.
    After is open just read the navivoice .ini so you know how to move the playlist,volume and etc.
    You can run many other APP just read the FAQ is navi forum or the HTML file that comes with the APP.
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