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Can Skinbedder resize apps?

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  • Can Skinbedder resize apps?

    Can skinbedder resize apps? I'm trying to embed the PCTEL Wireless client but struggling, hopefully Skinbedder can help if I can work it out.

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    SKINbedder will stretch any embedded window to whatever size you want. Currently you cannot re-size on-the-fly, but you will be able to in V3. I think 2.999 will do what you want it to though.


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      IGSkinner V2.9999 should do what you need.

      Just start changing the ini settings in the IGuidance.ini file.

      It took me a little while to get the hang of it but now I have been able to embedd any program I can think of.

      Only problem I have is sometimes when exiting an app the app itself will close but skinbedder will stay open. If you try and close it you get a string of errors and you need to ctrl-alt-del to end the skinbedder task.

      My fix was to create an .exe with Autoit that killed the Skinbedder task, problem gone.

      Here is a screen shot of a NES Emulator

      I can send you the a modded ini or kill.exe file if it helps.
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        12VSystems, Could you download the PCTel Wireless Client from and see if it will embed using your current config?? I've tried skinbedder but am struggling to get it working.



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          Downloaded PCTEL and took a quick look at it. It wouldn't embedd for me either. I haven't had a chance to take a closer look.

          I would wait until V3 is released and try again.
          Spent all my money on carputers now I have to work a real job.