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  • [V3 Bugs]

    Post serious program bugs here (please try not to include bugs that can be fixed with changes to the skinning INI files)

    Bug Top-Ten List
    #1  With the WS_EX_TRANSPARENT ExStyle, TSkinLayer should recieve a
    WM_PAINT message when the map updates.  It doesn't.  I need a better
    work-around than a re-paint timer.  :(
    #2  iGuidance doesn't update any of the transparent-color or alpha-blended
    embedded windows (WS_EX_LAYERED).
    -FIXED!  If I don't SetParent, it works!
    (...but alpha-blending does not allow nugde up or left.)
    #3  I am not handling resizing correctly (when using CF full-screen).
    #4  The iGuidance SKIN is not complete.  
    This includes the OSK, POI, and many other sub-window opening/closing bugs.
    #5  ?
    #6  ?
    #7  ?
    #8  ?
    #9  ?
    #10 ?

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    Not fully released yet Ii know and I don't know if your aware of the following things that i noticed in this preview:

    1. Route list button doesn't bring up the list.
    2. May I also suggest a Prev menu as well, b/c you have to go all the way around to go back one menu.
    3. POI search button only brings up the catagory menu and clicking on the up/down doesn't move the highlighted selection.
    4. Although the OSK isn't done yet, the crosshair is present....

    Hopefully I have not stated anything ya already didn't know about, otherwise just ingnore the above and get back to coding...
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      1) That should work, but it embeds it transparently and it doesn't update when you change your route. Set a route first, then use the Route button on the right side menu (twice if you already had the list open).

      2) Thats an easy skin modification. I may add it. I'm hoping there will be a lot of alternate skins eventually that will function totally different than this one. You create the whole UI for skinning. Non of the functionality is fixed... it's all in the INIs.

      3) Hehe... POI's not done in the skin. I didn't even know it loaded the Up/Down left menu. The only parts of the skin that are basically done are the main map and the recent list. Other things are just partially done. You can always do them yourself by editing the INI if you are up to it.

      4) The OSK is a joke LOL. Actually there are hot-spots defined for it. The upper left should exit and the second row should type letters a-z in order from left to right.

      Have fun with it. I'll try to get a complete skin out soon and will continue to work on the redraw and transparent window bugs.


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        I agree on the there going to be a new release soon with a new OSK?? And for me i dont really like having it semi transparent so i set all the ini s to 255 but skinbedder fades in and out constantly...constantly trying to update the graphics and its really not this an option in the ini's?? Or is this what the app is supposed to do?? I went through the ini's but couldnt find anything...Alot of flickering of the graphics on all the menus and windows that come up...Recent destinations doesnt embed...And most of the menus and screens dont exit after using them...i can see all of the other buttons behind the current buttons...
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          The buttons are transparent in the .png graphics. It doesn't have anything to do with the INIs. The only thing that was transparent in the INIs were the GPS Info and Route List windows.

          The fading up buttons are the #1 bug. If you run SKINbedder_NOEX.exe instead of SKINbedder.exe, you will see a version that does not have that bug (but it has a different bug as you will see... give it a try.)

          As for the OSK, that's because the SKIN is not done. I'm working on bugs right now, not the SKIN. You can fix the OSK yourself by editing the .INI file and the PNG graphic. If nobody does it, I will do it once I am done with the other bugs.

          Keep in mind this is a developer release, this is not intended to be used in a vehicle with the current SKIN. However, the .exe would work fine if there was a completed non-transparent SKIN (which any one can build and I will be happy to assist). Hopefully I will have a .exe that works with transparency soon. Hopefully some one will assist me in finishing my transparent SKIN too.


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            Originally posted by RPM_VR4
            #1 With the WS_EX_TRANSPARENT ExStyle, TSkinLayer should recieve a
            WM_PAINT message when the map updates. It doesn't. I need a better
            work-around than a re-paint timer.
            Have you tried subclassing iguidance to get the PAINT message as it is submitted to ig? (Subclassing crashes VB when I try getting the iG message stream, maybe you would have more luck)
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              What is sub-classing? How do I try it?