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    Q: What are all the script commands?

    A: Here's a list of commands and the Win32 API calls they use.
    Send(key): Uses Keybd_Event to simulate a key press ("Type" is better).
    Type(key): Uses SendInput to simulate a key press (better than "Send").
    Wait(ms), Delay(ms), Sleep(ms), Pause(ms): All do the same thing.
    Sits in a loop running Application.ProcessMessages.
    Run(ms): Uses ShellExecuteEx to run a exe or a file with an association.
    RunWait(ms): Same as run but halts SKINbedder until exe terminates.
    OnTop(True/False): Sets main form OnTop state (buggy).
    Kill(process): Uses Process32First/Next and CloseHandle to kill a process.
    Play(file): Uses PlaySound from mmSystem to play a sound file.
    LoadSkin(skinlayer): Makes a graphic overlay with hot-spots and size/pos.
    If skin already has been loaded, just sets visible=true.
    Uses modified version of TPNGImage.pas
    Embed(window): Makes a window container with size/pos and embeds a window.
    Uses SetWindowLong, SetWindowPos, SetParent, SetLayeredWindowAttributes.
    Close(window): Deletes window container (which closes the embeded window).
    HideSkin(skinlayer): Sets a SkinLayer to visible=false.
    Focus(window): Uses SetForgroundWindow to set the system focus.
    (needed before using Send/Type)

    Q: How do I do things like send mouse clicks or another command not supported in the commands above?

    A: Use Run() with an Auto-It script.

    Q: How to I Run a file whos name or path has a space in it?

    A: Use the DOS dir command with the /x switch to see the 8.3 path.

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    Basic question: Given all the enhancements since iGskinner, can you describe just WHAT does Skinbedder do? How does it differ from other products like iGmod?
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      SKINbedder is for any program, not just iGuidance. To use it with any program, you just have to make a "SKIN" for that program. By editing the .ini files in the skin, you can totally customize every aspect of the menu system that allows you to interact with iGuidance, or any other program.

      iGMod is only for iGuidance. I do not know to what extent the UI will be customizable.

      If you download SKINbedder, it will come with an incomplete iGuidance skin (and some drawing bugs). This is only a preview release. I'm hoping a few people will try to complete the iGuidance skin and/or make skins for other apps. In the mean time, I am working on the drawing bugs.


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        Q: Will someone officially own developing the iGuidance Skin? Is there a project underway for that?
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          I will do it after I figure out my other few bugs, but I was hoping someone might beat me to it. ...or just make skins for other programs.

          To continue my development, I need skinners/UI-designers to tell me what extra functions they want.


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            Originally posted by justintime
            Q: Will someone officially own developing the iGuidance Skin? Is there a project underway for that?
            I hope someone will take up the challenge of making the skin. We don't want to spend that much time on one.
            Then we'll make the skin "official"
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              Has anyone got a simple demo of skinning another program, for example notepad or something?? I haven't been successful so far in getting it to work.

              Looks like awesome software tho, I'm hoping to be able to make a more touchscreen friendly skin for oziexplorer.




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                I'll offer to do the skin but there are a ton of better graphic designers then me on this forum.
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                  Q: Skinbedder only accepts 8.3 (DOS file names like MYDOCU~1). How am I supposed to figure out what the 8.3 path to the program I want to load is?

                  A: Use the DOS dir command with the /x switch.

                  C:\>dir /x
                  Volume in drive C has no label.
                  Volume Serial Number is 0853-B7E3

                  Directory of C:\

                  10/22/2005 12:44 PM 0 AUTOEXEC.BAT
                  10/22/2005 12:44 PM 0 CONFIG.SYS
                  10/22/2005 04:35 PM <DIR> DOCUME~1 Documents and Settings
                  11/06/2005 05:01 PM <DIR> PROGRA~1 Program Files
                  2 File(s) 0 bytes
                  5 Dir(s) 31,349,100,544 bytes free


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                    That's a good Q/A... however the problem is not that it has to be "8.3", it is that it cannot have a space (the 8.3 is just a workaround because the 8.3 cannot have a space). I will try to fix that bug for the next release. That might require changing the INI's to XML's though, and I'm not sure I'm ready to undertake that (not until after I get LayerWindow drawing at least).


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                      Anyone still watching this thread?


                      I am curious is this thread still alive and is anyone still working with skinbedder?

                      I have a fm radio program I would love to skin, It seems I cannot get it to play with radiator or with axife fm so I will need to use the oem radio program to control the card.

                      I would love to skin it so I could use it with the front end of my choice (froddo at the moment).

                      However I am really struggling to get my head around the how skinbedder works. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.




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                        Sorry I missed your post a long time ago. It is my project. It is not abandoned, but I haven't had time to work on it for a while. As for creating your skin, you kinda just gotta play with it and figure it out for yourself, but if you have any specific questions I will be happy to answer them. I would start with the RadioShark skin since it is an FM program as well.


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                          Not Showing Buttons

                          I'm working on an OziExplorer skin but having trouble with getting the skin to show.
                          The startup script is:
                          StartUp=Run(c:\oziexplorer\OziExp3962a.exe),Wait(2 000),Embed(NSMap),LoadSkin(NSMap:Enter_Left)

                          Ozi starts and embeds, but I don't get the buttons showing over the top. At this stage I am using the same ones as IG.

                          Am I doing something wrong? BTW I'm using SB 2.9999

                          Thanks in advance
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                            Do you have an NSMap sub-directory and a Enter_Left.ini in it that points to the two png files (also in that directory)?

                            Why 2.999? Try using "3.0 Preview 1" or "3.0 Preview 2".


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                              Yep... All of that exists... basically unchanged from the IG skin.

                              using 2.9999 due to some of the posts talking about V3 preiviews being less carputer stable.


                              '89 GQ Patrol
                              TD42 (go the Diesel!) NEW: Now with DTS Turbo - woot!!!
                              "It's times like these you go BUGGER!!!"