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Having trouble embedding....

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  • Having trouble embedding....

    I am trying to use SKINbedder with Microsoft Streets & Trips.

    So far I have created a new Skin directory, and made a ini file to load Streets and Trips, but after streets and trips loads nothing else is shown.

    StartUp=Run(C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~4\Streets.exe),Embe d(iGMap:1250),LoadSkin(iGMap:Bookmark_Left),LoadSk in(iGMap:Bookmark_Right)

    (I copied the subfolder iGMap from the iGuidance folder that ships with version 3).

    Any thoughts? I'm using win32 spy to try to get the WindowClass, but I'm not sure which class I should be using...

    Does anyone have a few example skins that I can copy?

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    Did you modify the "iGMap\iGMap.ini" to include the Window Class/Title (or just leave Class blank) of the MS S+T window you are trying to embed? I use Auto-It window info tool to get the proper info from the window I want.


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      I did try just the window title, the window title and the class, and just the class without any luck. I also tried a long time delay in case it was the loading time that was killing the app.

      If you had any examples perhaps you could post them?


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        It still needs a little adjustment work, but here's what I did:
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          The "Driving Guidance" pane is a space hog .
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            Huge space hog. It can be turned off while still keeping audio guidance.

            Is it posisble to skin individual components like that sub pane?


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              You can nudge/size/move the edges of any window you embed, but you can only embed seperate windows (not frames within windows). In S+T you can drage the button bars off it and it makes them there own tool-tim window. At that point you can embed the tool-windows if you wanted to. Unless you can make the "Panes" show as a seperate window, I don't think I can embed it. I suppose it should be able to embed anything with a Window Title.

              As long as you don't want to change the layout of the 3 panes, you can put a skin on top of them.