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Tweaked 2.5 a little bit

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  • Tweaked 2.5 a little bit

    I've been playing with RoadRunner and SB 2.5. Almost everytime I active the GPS screen in RoadRunner for the first time, SB will not want to embed properly (even though SB & RR are set up properly). After closing SB from the taskbar and returning to the previous screen in RR, I'll active the GPS screen again and this time SB will embed proplerly. (Basically, I have to open SB, close it, and re-open in order to get it to embed proplerly.)

    I figured that the startup.au3 file may be functioning too quickly before the nag screen had a chance to be displayed so I was going to add a delay before the Enter key press is sent. Instead I noticed the function WinWaitActive("") before the Enter key press. This is supposed to make SB wait until a screen with no title is displayed before hitting Enter. I remember back when iGSkinner was in the making that issues arouse because the iG nag screen did not have a caption.

    So I decided to give the nag screen a caption and define it in the startup.au3. I defined the nag screen as NAG in the iGuidance.exe and edited the line to WinWaitActive("NAG") in the startup.au3. Since then SB embeds flawlessly everytime.

    To add the caption to the nag screen I used Resource Hacker (though I'm not sure if the site still offers a download so you may have to Google it). Open your iGuidance.exe file usually located in C:\Program Files\iNav\iGuidance\. Browse to Dialog > 1028 > 1033. Edit the third line which reads CAPTION "" and change it to CAPTION "NAG". Click the Compile Script button and the close ResHacker being sure to save the file before closing. (Note: iG cannot be running when you save; this includes if SB is running.) Now edit the startup.au3 by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit. (If you don't have Edit choose Open-With and select Notepad.) Change the line that reads WinWaitAcitve("") to read WinWaitActive("NAG").

    Now SB will wait until a window is shown that is titled NAG. If for some reason your computer lags and is slow loading iG then this will force SB to wait until the window is shown. It worked for me so I figured I'd share my findings. The pic shown below shows the problem that I had before defining the NAG screen and after. Also, the buttons on the left are all full functioning button all of which are displayed and executed via SB (graphics thanks to RR skin which I have been hacking up and modifying).


    PS. While you're ResHacking the iGuidance.exe if you remove the WS_CAPTION from the second line in each numbered dialog, iG will not show a window title and makes iG look less like a Windows-based program. Remove the WS_CAPTION along with the pipe | before it. So if the line reading STYLE WS_POPUP | WS_CAPTION change it to read STYLE WS_POPUP. You have to click Compile Script before moving on to the next dialog. It's a PITA I know but it's well worth it. Note: Do not remove the caption from Dialog 1000 which is the About screen because you will not be able to close the window. It does not have another close button defined other than the one on the caption.

    EDIT: I got bored and completely changed the NAG screen. After editing String Table > 379 > 1033 > 6058 to " " I changed Dialog > 1028 > 1033 (Nag Screen) read the following:
    1028 DIALOG 0, 0, 69, 30
    FONT 10, "Tahoma"
       CONTROL "Cancel", 2, BUTTON, BS_OWNERDRAW | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_TABSTOP, 78, 110, 40, 15 
       CONTROL 158, 611, STATIC, SS_BITMAP | WS_CHILD, 0, 0, 69, 12 
    I added a screen shot of the dialog to the bottom screen shot. Ha! Now it's no long a nag screen; it's now a splash screen (when used with SB).

    Okay. I've pre-typed this post and I got to messing around in RR. I found that I would have problem going from Video to GPS. I believe it has something to do with which windows are in focus. I'm not a programmer so I can't really say but one way or another I was determined to make it work. I got to looking around in AutoIt and found some more commands. Particularly the WinWate and WinActivate commands. The WinWate commands pauses the script until a specific window appears while the WinActivate commands brings the window into focus. When used in conjunction with each other they ensure that the NAG window is present and is brought into focus if it is not before sending the Enter keypress. The only downfall with this procedure is the script takes a little longer to execute (not more than a second or two). Here's my startup.au3:
    ; AutoIt Version: 3.0
    Run("C:\Program Files\iNav\iGuidance\iGuidance.exe", "C:\Program Files\iNav\iGuidance\")
    This command also gets rid of the Connect GPS Warning that I get since I do not have my GPS with me in Iraq. (Plus, I don't think iNav has maps available for this region...) If you don't need this function or for proper use in the car, remove the last three lines.

    EDIT: Sorry. I forgot to resize the pic before posting. I also wanna note that the buttons on the left side of the screen are placed and operated by SB and not the RoadRunner skin. The clipped portion is everything above the bar at the bottom of the screen.
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