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  • Need help with SB

    I am using RR, nroute and SB. I am able to embed nroute and SB to RR. In RR when I exit GPS then enter again, it shows in my task bar another SB and keeps increasing as I switch between GPS and main menu and the background becomes a black screen.

    Another thing is that the button seems to be lagging. The animation when changing screen is slow. It starts from transparent and slowly change to solid colour.

    When both SB and RR are minimized, it is normal that I have to press RR and SB in order for them to appear together?

    I am using SB downloaded from a thread nRoute skin (in progress), 09-02-06

    Pls help


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    If you are having the transparent issue I suspect you are using an old version of Sb. Download SbV3-P2 from the sticky.

    I have noticed a task-bar issue with Sb and RR. Set your task-bat to auto-hide and it should fix that.

    I know nothing about minimizing. In a properly configured CarPC you should never have to minimize your front-end. If you do have to minimize to configure something, you may have to un-minimize Sb to get it to work again. Not surprized.


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      Have downloaded V3 but when I double click the exe file, nroute does not appear. How do I make nroute work with V3?


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        Either run "SKINbedder.exe nroute" or edit SKINbedder.ini and change the default program to nroute.


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          Got it... Thank You...Great program


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            One more thing I still noticed is that when I am in RR and go into GPS for the first time, everything works fine. When I go to main menu and back to GPS again, I don't nRoute program. All I see is SB and a black screen behind. Is it something wrong with RR, nRoute or SB?


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              I'm not sure. I don't use RR nor nRoute. Maybe someone else can help.