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Iguidance 4.0 UMPC embedding in Road Runner

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  • Iguidance 4.0 UMPC embedding in Road Runner

    ok the new version already has big buttons and is quite friendly to use on a touchscreen. the IG window has the embedded look with an RR bar on top. This space however seems to be missing on the bottom causing IG to loose half of its bottom bar where it shows ETA speed etc.

    What am i doing wrong? where can i set the correct windows height for road runner? and how could i set buttons on top so that i can still control my music?

    also the gestures conflict with IG drag feature and causes random behavior. is there any fix for that? (and switching of gestures would not be an option unlessi can switch them of specifically for GPS...

    i woud appreciate any help. i will post a screen shot later.

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    arghl wrong sub forum. sorry guys. please move