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Google Earth SKIN (in progress)

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  • Google Earth SKIN (in progress)

    Google Earth SKIN!
    800x600 stretched.

    Note: If it doesn't launch Google Earth, you will have to edit GoogleEarth.ini and change the number of the "?" in "c:\PROGRA~1\Google\GOOGLE~?\GoogleEarth.exe" until it works.

    Most of the buttons do not work because GE requires arrow keys to be held, but currently SKINbedder can only press buttons. I will fix this eventually.
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      Great work!

      I was able to get it working after figuring out the magic number in the .ini file. One strange thing is my app (test.exe) crashes if I run skinbedder without a command line argument. It gets an exception deep in the bowels of setwindowpos when skinbedder starts - wierd.

      This is a screenshot of skinbedder running GE with GooPs. It'll be nice when you get the GE navigation buttons working because GooPs uses the native Google Earth navigation even when tracking.

      Thanks for the good work.


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        help please google earth


        What program do i use to create Google Earth Skins?



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          Um... Google Earth doesn't support "skins". SKINbedder is a program I developed to embed & skin any program.

          The SKINbedder Google-Earth skin is posted at the top of this thread.

          To use it, you must also download SKINbedder V3 - Preview, place the Google Earth skin in the same folder as a sub-directory, and change one line in SKINbedder.ini file to read "DefaultProgram=GoogleEarth" (you will also probably have to change one line in GoogleEarth.ini as directed in the first post above).

          Then, run SKINbedder.exe and it should launch Google Earth, embed it, and display a SKIN on top of it. You can make your own skin by modifying the INI files and PNG graphics.


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            RPM, great skin. Is there a way to have a button that closes both Google Earth and SkinBedder? Right now, if I try to close SkinBedder from the task bar (right click + close), Google Earth will freak out with a bunch of windows then crash.
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              Sure, just bind a button to focus on GE and then send(Alt-F4) twice.

              I'm not sure if mercury7 will add that to the official skin later or not.