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    This actually isn't a SkinBedder skin. It is an RR skin for RREarth that matches CDrSkull's Freedom 2.1.

    1) Get RREarth working (see here)
    2) Unzip to c:\program files\Road Runner\GooPsScripts
    3) With AutoItV3 installed, right-click and compile each .au3 file in to a .exe.
    4) Download GooPsV1_8.exe and put it in the GooPsScripts directory.
    5) Run it and configure it to work with your GPS (auto-connect, don't auto-run Google Earth).
    6) Unzip other 4 skin files to skins\Freedom 2.1

    Hope you like it.
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      FYI: I will never use this skin, any of my other Freedom skins, or CDRSkull's Freedom 2.1 skin for RR on any of EyceMobile's products or future advertising. I am just releasing my work to the community to use, modify, and redistribute however they wish.


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        HI RPM VR4 !
        earth-Freedom for RREarth/GooPs/Freedom 2.1, With another SKIN ?


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          Easily... replayce this line:
          6) Unzip other 4 skin files to skins\Freedom 2.1

          with this line:
          6) Unzip other 4 skin files to skins\{your skin of choice}

          The rest is all the same. It will work fine with any skin, it just matches Freedom.


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            So, To get RREarth working I need to add a button to the freedom do I do that since it's a full flash skin?

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            2x 10" IDMax D4
            1250.1 kicker amp
            crappy dell carputer


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              OK !
              I Unzip other 4 skin files to my skins.
              WHAT CODE I need to add to button for start it ?


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                You guys are bypassing step #1: Get RREarth working!

                The button code is "GE_START".

                In Freedom 2.1, you edit menu.txt to change what all the buttons do and their icons. Just change one of them to GE_START.

                I suggest you both follow step 1 and get the RREarth plugin working with the default skin first.


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                  I've followed the instructions and got it to work.
                  I was able to change the menu.txt and make it start GooPsV1_8.exe but it is although it starts in Freedom, its not using the skins that come with this plug in.
                  Can anyone help me out?


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                    Okay, I missed the but got that working now too.
                    This is really fantastic. But all I got it working in is the BMW skin.

                    How do I get this to work in Freedom??
                    Is it only in the menu.txt that I need to make a change in, or in the skin as well.
                    As it seems assigning a button to GE_START works different in a non flash skin.. so can anyone please tell me how I do it for Freedom?