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Wireless Mic solution for PC?

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  • Wireless Mic solution for PC?

    Hey all,

    I've got the PC set up in the car and working great with PhoneControl coming loud and clear from the speakers. I still have no mic connected to the pc yet though.

    Before I go tearing apart pillars and headliners in my car, I'm wondering if there are any wireless mic solutions out there, either USB or Bluetooth, for me to get my voice to my pc wirelessly. A quick google search turned up nothing but this Sony BT mic that is used for pro video cams. Doesn't help me...

    (PS...not really looking for a wireless headset here like a BT headset... want something I can mount somewhere overhead.)
    My Grandma & Her Friends on Their Spring Vacation

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    Ok, looks like I might need to go down a different avenue here... for everyone using their CarPc as a bluetooth phone interface, how are you getting your voice to the pc? Just running a mic to the Mic In jack of the pc? Where are you mounting the mic? What mic do you have that you find works well?

    Many thanks to anyone who has input...

    My Grandma & Her Friends on Their Spring Vacation


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      Any help on this? I have the same questions and it seems like no one is talking about it. Whats the deal?

      Is there a wireless mic soltuion via usb or bt, retail or hack?

      Did you ever have any luck Nola111?


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        You could possibly get a USB speakerphone type thing and use that, but as for a 'wireless mic', no, you most likely won't find anything that isn't a straight up headset. What reason would a normal computer user have for a wireless mic like that?


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          Im interested in this also as it seems the last mayjor item that I have to deal with ( apart from getting road runner to mute music when phone rings ? )
          Is everyone just plugin a mic straight into the pc and routing it through the car ?


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            There's gotta be a mic. Sony makes that one bluetooth one for cameras but its not made for computers.

            I just find it hard to believe that no one would use a wireless mic attached to a computer to record a speech or song, to give a presenetation via powerpoint and via voice commands go to the next slide, or even just have a wirelss bluetooth for video/audio chat via google/skype or whatever. I feel this should have been made 5 years ago, yet i dread ill have to wait 5 more for it to come out.

            I cant beleive eneveryone is using a logitech deskptop mic and streaming that through there car. Someone's gotta know some trick here.


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              I know Logitech makes a USB headset that is wireless (upto 50 or 100 feet or something like that, RF) and it has player controls on the side for certain applications like WMP.

              I don't know if there is any stand-alone mic's by them though.


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                You all are just kidding around right? Nearly any bluetooth headset made right now will work with a PC. The problem is you are already using the bluetooth stack for the phone, so you may not be able to connect both devices as easily. Then it will probably dawn on you that the bluetooth headset has a speaker built-in that is MUCH better for conversing then the PC's audio system, and since the headset can control the phone just as well as the pc, you end up connecting the BT headset to the phone directly from then on.

                OTOH, if you are using the phone to provide internet access to your carpc, you can save some $$ by using Skype for your calls, and the BT headset is a very nice option for that purpose.


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                  The idea is so it mute any audio thats playing at the time, if I was that boverd id get a parrot 3200 as I dont like the ear piece but that still wont overide the pc audio for phone, just looking for intergration or a 2.5 mic adapter if i can get that to work


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                    Originally posted by Mechanic View Post
                    You all are just kidding around right?
                    Heh, I was thinking the exact same thing. Borrow a bluetooth headset from someone you know and test it out to make sure it works well with both connections running simultaneously.


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                      You are kidding right?

                      The idea is that ear pieces suck. A nice multi-array mic with my in call info coming in through my high end speakers is incomparable. Then throw in a pop up message while im listening to music when someone calls with their photo, name and number, if i hit accept then it fades out my music and fades in the the call (a la iphone) when im done i can just hit hang up on my screen and return to my music.

                      I can also tie things in like if im using my nav and i see a restaurant i want to go to, i can just hit its phone icon and call them to make reservations.

                      so i ask again to people who get it. Any ideas for a easy bluetooth mic. I have my phone tied into my computer for the audio gateway for its audio, i just need something for a mic (without doing a lame long *** wire through my car).

                      thanks for any ideas


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                        I would try jawboneDOTcom the new headset rocks.
               know, that guy...


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                          as far as headsets...

                          I would try jawboneDOTcom the new headset rocks.
                 know, that guy...


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                            Im quite happy to run a cable through I have just bought a usb mic but it still does not seem to work, if anyone is using this configuration let me know what im doing wrong.


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                              here is an example

                              within a year there will be tons of devices that do things like this or better.
                              Im just trying to get one early