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Setting up audio gateway bluetooth?

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  • Setting up audio gateway bluetooth?


    I'm using freefone 1.4 alpha, and i have a nokia 6021 bluetooth phone with a d-link usb bluetooth dongle.
    I got the thing to work, but when i turn on my phone it automaticaly connects to the serial bluetooth connection com 1 on comport 5. This allows the freefone to pick up incomming cals and it switches to the freefone window and i hear the ringtone.

    However to get the sound to the carpc speakers i have to manualy activate the audio gateway each time in the bluetooth connections.

    Is there a way to have this automatical connect?
    Car: volvo S70
    Acer travelmate (600 mhz)
    Motorized indash touchscreen tft
    frontend: Centrafuse XLE
    Holux 213 gps, USR usb wifi (both hidden inside seat)
    custom shutdown and powerup of laptop with ignition.
    Nokia 6021 phone for gprs and bluetooth.

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    It is supposed to be automatic once you got it to work in the first place.

    Check out the broadcomm version (the only driver that supports voice gateway to my knowledge) and have a look at forum at if you still got problems.

    Also check phone version with *#0000#

    You can also have a look at my site even if I use phonecontrol.

    Good luck
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