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Serial Bluetooth transmitter

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  • Serial Bluetooth transmitter

    Can we use this transmitter as an ordinary serial transmitter, i mean, there is no thing complex to deal with, when rescieving the data.
    In other words, can we use the data come from this serial bluetooth transmitter like when we use ordinary wired rs232 connection?

    Thanks for your time.

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    You sure can. You will need a bluetooth dongle to pair it with, but other than that it's almost like a cable except it has to be powered in some way.


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      Do you know the pricing info? Just went to the site to request a quote to see. I've seen similar units before, it was a pair (transmitter, receiver pair) but they were several hundred dollars.
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        Kanda - AVR ST7 COP8 PIC Programmer ICE ISP ICSP Training Embedded Tools UK

        lists for about $109

        you're better off, making one, prob cost half as much
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