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Connecting touchscreen USB via Bluetooth?

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  • Connecting touchscreen USB via Bluetooth?

    I had a carputer in a car and ended up selling the car to save for a house. I didn't want to put the carputer in another car, so I have the parts laying around waiting to be used. My idea is to put my 7" LinITX LCD TouchScreen in the kitchen wall, connected to a computer that is in another room. The distance between the computer and the touchscreen is well over 5 meters, the spec distance that USB signal travels.

    Is there any way to connect my touchscreen (USB) to my computer at greater distances, with bluetooth possibly? It is my understanding you can have two bluetooth dongles connected to two PCs talk to each other, however I do not think that would work connecting the bluetooth dongle to the USB portion of the screen. I'm assuming (without trying) that USB connection won't take power from the screen and give it to the bluetooth dongle, so it won't work.

    I'm looking for a way to take the USB signal that originates from the touchscreen and sending it to the computer via distances USB is incapable of achieving.

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    I just read about something like this... not bluetooth though. RF usb sender or something. Not finding it now.
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      This should help get you started:
      I dont know if this is out yet, how expensive it is, or if its good but I like it:

      Ill post more/relevant links when/if I find them
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        Excellent, thanks. Keep me updated, but I like what I see. The cost is quite a bit for the simple application that I'm going for, but this shows me there is something that can handle my situation. Definitely a good thing.


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            Awesome, thanks a lot Jahntassa. My issue was I didn't know what I was looking for, and now I realize it's called a USB Extender. Seems pretty self explanatory, but I didn't think to search for that when I started looking. Newegg has one for $45 that has great reviews, so I'll probably go that route and just run cat5e/6 between the monitor and PC.

            Thanks everyone!


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              I purchased the following:


              I have a 50' Cat5e cable connected between the dongles and it works perfect. The end that the screen plugs in to actually has a 4-port USB hub on it so I was able to plug in a USB mouse to test the system which was extremely convenient.

              Thanks to all for the suggestions.