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Anyone know of alternatives to antenna for sale in store?

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  • Anyone know of alternatives to antenna for sale in store?

    It's too big looking more for the sharkfin types. Need to do GPS, bonus would be connecting to my AirCard 860 also.

    i haven't found much searching.


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    Double search cus there is a live thread (last post this morning) that has info about other kind of antenna.

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      geez..sorry, my bad. i searched last week and didn't have time to post the question until today...that'll teach me ;-)


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        this is one i find and that im gonna go with, water resistant, wifi, us and european gsm frequencies, as well as gps antenna all in one. All with customizable lengths and connector types.


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          hellordkb - did you purchase it? wondering if it can be painted to match car color? ...would appreciate any pictures of it as the one on the site doesn't show too much.



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            yes i bought one. i haven't received yet, i only made the order a couple days ago and i asked for custom connectors. got a revers polariy connector to work with the engenius/sanao 200ma wireless adapter, and a connector for my phone, that will plug into the cradle. I will take some pictures and details on connectors. im not sure on painting it, but from what i can see its at least close to the black as my passat is. if not i got some paint that matches my passats color pefectly.

            I will put up someinfo on the antenna when i receive it.


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              great! thanks. I look forward to seeing some of those pictures and getting your impressions.


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                dang I missed that one. I got the one from mp3 car it cool but no gain. on it..
                I am not bashing mp3car antenna just see something better thats all.
                i need to figure out why gps reciever never gets more than 6 of 12 satellites
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                KIAs can have car pcs too..


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                  the big thing i like about the antenna i found is you can customize it for any connectors your cards, or phones or devices use. not to mention, The antenna does not support USA gsm frequencies, so it was useless to me when i noticed that