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Verizon Wireless phones w/ Multiple BT connections

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  • Verizon Wireless phones w/ Multiple BT connections

    I got my new phone today (Samsung SCH-u740). I am with VerizonWireless and have asked the question (which phones do you sell that support multiple BT connections?) multiple times and never got a good answer...until today.

    The manager told me that VerizonWireless has decided to make all their phones support only one BT connection at a time. This is due to the idea that someone could use the multiple BT connections to break into someone's Palm. I don't know if this is technically accurate, but I do believe the part of Verizon not selling any phones that support multiple BT connections.

    All I could think of was using the phone as an unsecure gateway into the Palm device.

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    I hate verizon

    Verizon cripples all the Bluetooth features of their phone expect for the hands free headset. I had talked to different managers and tech guys from the HQ and they bluntly said they do that to force you to use their network so they make more money. For example there is no way for you to print your picutres to a BTprinter, or transfer files or address book between your pc and phone using the BT.
    However, Cingular does not mess up your phones BT. I HATE VERIZON.
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      I think that makes more sense. It's not a security concern, as was described to me, but a revenue stream thing for Verizon.

      I agree with you...I also hate Verizon.


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        most new phones whether verizon or not only have one BT connection these days.. i dont know of a new phone that supports multiple functiosn in the usa Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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          Seriously, did we expect any less of Verizon? To them, the internet is nothing more than a place for you to download ringtones and wallpaper for your phone at $1 a pop. I mean, unless you're doing the $80 a month mobile broadband thing, options basically consist of paying for the privilege of rooting around in a virtual Verizon dumpster.
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            Well if this is still an issue for you... you can always go online and look for which seems need to be changed in order to use whatever existing hardware you have. In Motorola's case at least you can find multiple firmware and seems you can edit on the phone to get the functionality back. Just check Google.