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Motorola Q bluetooth connections

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  • Motorola Q bluetooth connections

    Has anyone got a Mororola Q to work within RR? I'm using the Digital FX skin with freefone but it just hangs when looking for the phone. I've been able to connect to the phone with the pc using the bluetooth serial connection, bluetooth network, and the bluetooth file browser. I've changed the com port in the settings.ini to use 3 or 5 (both are listed as the bluetooth com port in device manager) with no luck.

    I'm using a Belkin FBT013xx1 with Broadcom hardware.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    So after searching the Net for awhile, I realized that I needed to flash my phone to the latest software to enable bluetooth serial port. Did that, got my bluetooth serial port. But now the phone shows an incoming port as BTC5 and an outbound port as COM1, then says "no default device for outbound connections". COM1 is not changeable, and my bluetooth Belkin software will not let me add a serial port with anything other than COM6, even though COM1 is available.

    I'm going to try to re-install the Belkin software or try Xport again to see if maybe that will allow the Belkin software to use COM1.

    Does anyone know which port, incoming or outgoing, you need to specify in for Freefone to work?


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      Any luck with this? I have the Q as well.

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        I would be very greatfull if someone could figure this out...


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          pcs connection manager

          I use to use the pcs connection manager with my dell laptop with my sanyo 8200 and data cable to check my emails all the time with no problem on xpsystem.
          Now i have a new laptop and i cant get my laptop and the pcs connection manager to work on the vista operating system. When i try to sign on it doesnt see my cell phone.
          can anyone help???