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So what do you use your net connection for?

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  • So what do you use your net connection for?

    This is an area i think needs a lot more attention.

    Not a lot of people have full time internet access in there car, but for those that do there really isnt a whole lot of support from the frontends, skins etc to leverage this feature.

    So in my quest to utilize my in car connection to its fullest, im asking you what do you use your net connection for in the car, and what do you want to use it for that currently you dont know how to in a touchscreen friendly way?

    currently im working on a SE version of my skin that has a lot of online only features like movie times, video chat, online radio etc.

    Just want to hear what everyone else is doing etc.

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    weather... and Instant messenger (shhh....). traffic too
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      1. Receiving traffic information. For want of working TMC system here in Moscow, we are using a navi system (in beta testing currently) which receives traffic info over the internet.
      2. Listening to internet radio (only possible over WiFi while parked outside some shopping malls where my wife does the shopping
      3. Downloading drivers and stuff.
      4. Making google searches (like where the hell is hospital #19?)


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        weather, traffic, email, skype, waiting for faster connection for video conference.
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          Gas price finder, weather, traffic, internet radio, and listening to police scanner feeds, though usually not all at the same time.

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            The most important thing.......


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              I am about to get an one of those pcmcia or pc cards from at&t i was thinking about using it with my slingbox..
              so i have all my channels in the car for the wife.
              KIAs can have car pcs too..


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                  atm only weather.

                  Im waiting for the petrol price thingy to work for australia

                  and trying to find a good traffic report..
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                    Traffic updates for navi software
                    Streaming movies when I'm parked


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                      all that stuff plus streaming movies from my home library instead of putting the movies on my hard drive in the car.
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                        Originally posted by djmickyg View Post
                        atm only weather.
                        Im waiting for the petrol price thingy to work for australia
                        and trying to find a good traffic report..
                        What are you using for your internet connection? Wifi or something like Three X-Series?
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