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Verizon UNLIMITED Data Plan!! Another Question

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  • Verizon UNLIMITED Data Plan!! Another Question

    I just got off the phone with Verizon and now im confused. I purchases the UNLIMITED dataplan two days ago for the 59.99 a month and I saw some of you posting that you could only use 5 gb a month.

    I called and told them I was afraid of going over, they said there was only a 5 GB limit if I am roaming and they said I do indeed have unlimited data usage.

    Has anyone else called or has anyone been charged for going over?

    Honestly I don't know whether or not to belive them. I wish I could of recorded it for proof.

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    the lady was full of crap. There isnt a limit if you follow there rules and restrictions.

    I cancelled my service and just signed up for Sprint. Sprint told me there were no restrictions and was no limit at all!!


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      verizon has the worst data plan. it's 60.00 a month and if u go over the certain amount of kb limit it 15 cents per kb. My friend had a 900.00 dollar bill for their data plan.


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        VZW has the worst everything!!!

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          well.... there is a better way. With QPST you can change your IPv and allow your phone to connect to a windows/mac PC. or basic drivers of one.... for cars... and use the internet at EVDO speeds. The catch??? well you think verizon is going to catch on that your using data at HUGE amounts. there is a way around.,. Buy mobile web for 5 dollars a month. When you use it like in the day, it says DATA call, when you use it during nights/weekends it says data call. difference is in day it says minutes used 2 at night no minutes used, it also says in small letters on bill "allowed my plan." If you get vcast for 15 a month you get unlimited mobile web which means unlimiited data calls with out paying more than that. THen i did the tether with my phone, plugged it in and used the internet. What did it say, Data call and "allowed by plan." so as long as you have some sort of data plan, mobile web, vcast, they really have no reason to ask you or bust you. Also dont download like limewire movies or whatnot lol , use some common sense. But this way its only 5/15 a month not 60.!