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  • increase wireless signal/strength

    Hi I recently bought a hawkings g dish adapter hoping to increase the strength of the wireless networks that my built-in wireless lan in my labtop pc already picks up.I was a bit unfortunate because I was able to pick up a couple more connections but the signal strength was like fair on all of them about 29% I only got like 3 bars out of 5 which wasn't enough to even browse...My question is if I get more gain will that improve my signal quality and strength and hopefully give me all the bars up?I am thinking about getting a more powerful gain attenna....Any suggestions on what I should get? I was going to check out air802 products with their yagi attennas line up....Please any info will be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, it depends entirely on what is causing your problem. If your signal strength really is low, and its low because the access point is really far away, then yes, a higher gain antenna could make it better. However, if the reason for your poor signal is due to noise being created by some source of radio interference in your area, then a higher gain antenna will not make any improvement. There are many things that can cause interference with radio signals, so try relocating your antenna to different areas to see if the signal improves. Also, try some different frequencies (channels), sometimes you'll get less interference at a different frequency. Finally, when a low signal strength is reported by your computer it isn't always an issue with the signal quality, sometimes a software or firmware issue can cause the same symptoms. You need to do some troubleshooting. Like I said, try relocating your antenna to several different places and different angles, try different channels, and see if it improves or gets worse. Also try a completely different computer and wifi adapter if possible to be sure it's not a software or firmware issue.


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      Well I tried relocating the attenna to different angles or locations that same day but that didn't help but I think I will try different channels and see what happens, it makes a lot of sense of what you are saying .....But if that doesn't work then I think I would try purchasing a higher gain attenna....(yagi) One thing I noticed is that the software that came with the device was showing readings...and one thing I saw was that the link quality was somewhat better than the signal strength ..I am not sure that has any relevance but it was what I saw in the software I used instead of using windows to control the equipment.....


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        Might want to move the access point. Keep it away from metal objects, try not to shoot through metal objects, you know, if your kitchen is in the way, that sort of thing. Higher gain antennas can actually make it worse. Look at it like guns. Your normal run of the mill antenna on your access point is kinda like a grenade. Shrapnel (wifi signal) goes in all directions, just not that far. The little usb wifi dish thingies are like shotguns. Pellets (wifi signal) go in one direction and spread out a bit as they go. They also go farther than the crap off a grenade. Now once you start talking yagis, you're looking at hunting rifles. The bullet (wifi signal) goes a lot farther than shotgun pellets, but now you have to start aiming better. Also wifi is a two way street. Just because your high gain antenna can see the other end, doesn't mean the other side can see and talk back.
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          Well I haven't got a chance to try changing the channels yet...But Barrywoods you kinda have me very indecisive and scared now because I don't want to buy new stuff and it still doesn't give me no improvement....I was hoping to purchase these 2 equipments hoping to I might be lucky
          and this
          from alfa....I totally understand what barrywoods explained there thanks buddy,but I am not sure if these items are overkill but I have made up my mind to get anything that will give me the 2 other bars that I need to have an excellent connection since I get 3 out of 5 on about 5 open connections so far.......I am having a little trouble figuring out the correct cable and connectors I need to get for these 2 items to work on my labtop.....Could anyone one please help me out in telling me the correct connections and cables for these 2 items?It will be very much greatly appreciated...Thanks....


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            lets get this strait first
            what is the distance between you and the wifi router?
            what is between you and the router?
            are there other items in between you and the router tha persistantly broadcast in the band your router is using?

            it sounds like you are too far from the source.
            see if there is something blocking your way....

            maybe the FBI has bugged your house?????!!!!! and you have a very skinny spy living in one of your walls??!?!?!?

            or your cordless phone is right next to the router as it sits on the subwoofer of your home stereo and next to your CRT monitor?

            best place to mount a router is in the top corner of a wall with tinfoil behind'll see....dont forget to wear your special tinfoil hat!!

            the FBI / tinfoil thing is a joke...
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              Tin foil no joke!

              I use a USB wireless adapter for my desktop, which also has a 10 ft USB extension cord on it to reach the nearest window. Since wireless is my current internet option, I had to find a local wireless signal. Just putting the adapter (tower) in the window was not enough. First I taped the adapted to the window pane's center, then I constructed a 12" foil disk to face the adapter, and found that a distance of 4-5" from the adapter was good enough to pick up neighborhood wireless signals. I had to turn the foil in the best direction to get up to two different non-secure signals. I used this for a few weeks, but during high vehicle traffic and inclement weather, I'd lost the internet connection briefly or just a very weak signal. I then constructed a larger foil dish nearly 2 ft square. This worked much better but getting the 'aim' right was difficult, as well as keeping the dish about 4" from the adapter. I was still not satisfied with the results, so I just took a piece of cardboard measuring 20" x 10" and covered it with foil. I bent the cardboard 'foil' in half to make a 'wedge', then faced the foil side, inverted side, towards the adapter. Now I am getting three bars instead of a weak one bar. Never say never.

              / │
              / │ <--- window pane
              / │
              / │
              / [] │
              \ │
              \ │
              \ │
              \ │
              \ <-----Foil