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Parabolic Grid Atennas?

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  • Parabolic Grid Atennas?

    I notice I hardly find reviews or recommendations about the 2.4 GHz 24 dBi Parabolic Grid Antennas.....I notice in my country I see them on mostly big businesses and co-operations aren't they powerful don't they pick up wireless signals like the normal yagi and directional antennas do?Could anyone please give me some info or experience about these parabolic antennas and how they perform and if its really used for a different type of network....I am thinking about purchasing one but I need to make sure it would work for my type of application.........I would like to pick up some weak signals.....

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    Hi. Can you give us some more info. on your application. i.e. is it a fixed or mobile application, is it 2.4 Ghz etc I have had a bit of experience with Yagis, Parabolic and flat panel directional, and may be able to give you some good links.Cheers Dave


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      refer to my PM to you about Directionals, they are VERY directional and not suitable for automotive use. That is, unless you want to go through immense troubles of rotating the antenna trying to find a signal, then adjusting the antenna to get the max signal, which would only work in the first place when you are absolutley stationary.
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        Ok well its for the 2.4ghz 802.11b/g i really want it for....I will be stationery all the time I won't be mobile so I have already choosen the directional antennas as my first preference.But i am trying to achieve as much power and gain as possible because I would like to be successful this time around.I do not want to make the same mistake as I did with the hawkings wireless g-dish adapter.So I wanted to know for sure if that parabolic or the patch directionals would be applicable or overkill when I could just simply buy a 12dbi omni-directional.I want to purchase it to pick up long and short distance outdoor open wireless signals.....So I was hoping anyone had any experience using them and have an idea on its performance....