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T-Mobile Wing (HTC Herald) 50 bucks...

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  • T-Mobile Wing (HTC Herald) 50 bucks...

    Thought I'd share this with the group.

    Found here...

    Basically I called "611" these people totally suck, the lady told me that I'd either have to cancel my account (200 buck charge) and start a new one, and that even then her best price would be 250... or something like that. She also told me that the deal above was "rediculous, these devices simply aren't that cheap". The other option she told me was keep my account and pay 299 (full price) She was rude so I basically hung up with her in midsentence trying to explain why this would still be better then paying 200 on ebay for one...

    Called T-Mobile's business center 866-464-8662 and sure enough, use promo code "windows mobile", and get a tmobile wing for 99.99 with a 50 dollar mail in rebate for a total of 49.99.

    Catches, you still have to sign up for a contract, however only a year.
    I was an existing customer so I had to add another line (10 bucks a month for only a year, but I changed my existing plan and ended up being cheaper).