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Bluetooth support in XP SP2

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  • Bluetooth support in XP SP2


    I run latest RR with Phoco and LSXVOID Skin. My BT USB is a Trendnet TWB-103UB.

    Until last week, I was using a Win SP1. Since the software provided by uSB BT dongle was bluesoleil and that it didnt support Audio Gear, I had to use Widcomm drivers. The processs to install properly was then: install regular Trendnet BT drivers. Check VID number, remove every BT related stuff. Restart, install Widcomm drivers. Restart in Safe Mode, patch the widcomm drivers according to the VID number, restart and it used to work perfectly.

    Now my problem is that I changed my Win and it is now SP2, with BT support. I tried the same process than above, but I end with 2 BT icons in my tray: the windows one that works, but dont do audio support and the widcomm ones that is red/blue and don t work. I tried everything to get rid of Win xp bt support, but windows will automatically take its incorporated drivers. I read on the net that ppl having this problem go in their Hardware config and update the drivers. I tried but the driver wont change.

    Anyone has any idea on ho to install those widcomm or any others drivers that might work (with audio headset).

    Btw, I checked also the latest commercial relases for Bluesoleil, which works fine for me, but still don't do audio support for BT Headset.


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    remove bluetooth device and rename the "C:\WINDOWS\inf\bth.inf" (assuming your windows is installed in c:\) will stop windows from loading the default ms drivers and you can later use other bt drivers.


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      Hey Insane and thank you for your answer.
      ....but I forgot to mention that also did rename BTH.INF and BTH.PNF with .OLD.

      I also went in the hardware settings and looked which files the generic BT drivers was using. I renamed those file as well, but same result. For some reason, it reinstalls the same exact file (I don t even know where they come from since I renamed them as .old and searched for double but there was not).



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        thats strange,it always workd for me...anyway try this
        1)plugout your device from computer.
        2)uninstall bluesolil or any other software you are using.
        3)now rename bth.inf ,pnf files.
        4)reboot system and install bluesolil.
        hope it helps.......


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          I've the same probleme, a solution ??


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            I am able to install Bluesoleil, no problem and it does replace the Win XP support. SO I have only one BT item in my hardware list. However Bluesoleil doesn t enable me to use Headset....that s why I wanna use WIdcomm.