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    hey all, i've had helio mobile service for a while and am looking at getting a carpc setup, using my bluetooth phone to connect to the internet would be awsome since i have a unlimited 3G connection plan. they operate off of sprints network....would this setup the same as any sprint phone?? has anyone tried it?

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    what do you think of your helio, a friend of mine is considering purchasing one.


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      its a pretty sweet setup i like it for the most part and the customer service has been friendly....i think my coverage with t mobile was better but towards the end of my contract they started to suck. i'd tell your buddy to go with the ocean or the fin so he gets his moneys worth, any of the other phones dont have the full HTML browser so if your going to pay for unlimited data you might as well use it for what its worth. if i can find a way to use mine as a 3G modem that would be awsome


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        As far as I know, it is not possible to tether your Helio phone to the computer.

        You can find out more information on when it might be available here:

        Good luck,

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