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MilliWatts vs HiGain

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  • MilliWatts vs HiGain

    Hi a friend told me that the Alfa USB 500mW WiFI Adapter would not boosts my receiving power for wireless would only help in transmitting further...When i use my built-in laptop wireless g/b i get signal coming in from around but its not powerful enough.I only get like 2-3 bars.I was hoping if i get the Alfa USB 500mW WiFI Adapter and connect it to a high gain antenna it would solve my weak connection issues.He said that i can't recieve better by outputting more power. Is this tru?...So I was hoping you guys can give me a lil more info and help me choose whats my best bet...Thanks..

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    Wifi adapter power ratings are the transmit power. He's right, it won't help your receive sensitivity. Getting the antenna might help though. Wifi is also a two way street. Even if you have a high power transmitter and receiver, the access point might not. Would probably be better to move the access point.
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