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Motorola T605 Bluetooth A2DP Device

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  • Motorola T605 Bluetooth A2DP Device

    Has anyone used the Motorola T605 to interface with their CarPC yet?

    I just bought a Parrot MK6000 then saw one of these at the local Circuit City. It appears to serve the same function as the MK6000 and is cheaper.

    I have searched all over and can't find anyone who has installed or used it.

    I was going to get a second Parrot MK6000 but I might get one of these instead if they are better.

    I'm looking for a way to have my Nagivation software interrupt the radio to play navigation directions. I haven't found anything wired that will do this so these bluetooth A2DP devices seem to be the way to go.

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    How do you want to integrate it? The RCA audio output from the T605 carries the A2DP audio stream. If your phone/NAV device plays the NAV prompts via A2DP, then you could hear them when you are listening to the T605's output via the appropriate input on your setup.

    If your phone/NAV device plays the NAV prompts via the Handsfree audio link, then you would hear them from the T605's handsfree speaker. Or, you could use an integration harness from Peripheral Electronics (their Celfi line of adapters), the Drive&Talk harnesses from, or other handsfree adapters to route the handsfree audio through your vehicles speakers automatically.