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bluetooth dongle problem

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  • bluetooth dongle problem

    hi guys...

    i have a little problem with my bluetooth connection.

    first of all...
    * i have a working car pc (win XP SP2 with centrafuse)
    * i have a bluetooth dongle 2.0

    i installed my bluetooth device (windows found the drivers)
    but my dongle is working with the windows drivers and not the widcom drivers.
    i tryed to uninstall it and install again but it wont install it under widcom driver.

    in the drivers list i have two categories "bluetooth" and "bluetooth radios"
    under "bluetooth" i have bluetooth enumerator
    and under "bluetooth radios" i have bluetooth enumerator and my device.
    i think i need to move my device to the first category so it will work with the widcom driver

    i tried to search the forum but came out with no answers...

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    i can open the widcom program in the control panel and edit all the options
    but the program is acting like i aint got no bluetooth dongle...

    only the windows bluetooth program/driver works


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      someone have any idea ?


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        i think you should have looked harder
        Scion CarPC

        Bluetooth Audio Gateway Tutorial

        How to speed up boot with buried features in msconfig