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windows wifi list of networks................

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  • windows wifi list of networks................


    sorry about the vague title!

    can anyone tell me if it possible to get windows to display the list of networks with the unprotected ones 1st?

    thanks for all your help!

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    hmmm ... seems like a good question i just played with 3 of my laptops (xp home, xp pro, and xp media center)

    went therough system properties system config windows computer management and i cannot seem to find a way to do this .. kind of surprising but i guess maybe windows developers just thought u could scroll down?? if u want a certain network to pop up first you can just add it to your perferred networks list and it will even automatically connect you .. im just about posistive all xp systems prompt you to add a network to your perferred networks list when you connect so just click yes and the next time your in range of that network voila you'll have internet

    sorry if that didnt help you i know it wasnt exactly what you were looking for



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      thankyou for trying mate, not quite what im after at this stage though.