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    I had an idea and wondered if anyone had tried. I was thinking to connect a cross over cable to a acess point and see if I could provide internet from the carpc gprs connection. Be great for car shows or passengers with laptops. They could connect to my access point in the car and they can get internet. Be usefull for parking lots and stuff when with friends.

    Has anyone tired it? I haven't run a trial at home yet, maybe this weekend. I don't see why it wouldn't work.
    FKA psptibby

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    you don't need a crossover cable to do what you want. it is going to be pretty slow if you have multiple people surfing the web on one gprs connection. what i've done in the past is enable internet connection sharing through my wirless network adapter in ad-hoc mode. it's pretty slow but it does work.
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    company car: 2006 chevy avalanche 2.0ghz p4 laptop, cnx p1900


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      Yea I thought about that, but then I can't leave it on all the time because then the wifi card won't connect to other ap's. I don't want to have to goto windows for anyway.

      I might be getting a 3G pc card. They arn't that much now. 3G is grown a lot and almost avialable everywhere in my area.

      BTW I am using DigitalFX skin.
      FKA psptibby


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        It won't route the traffic unless you use internet connection sharing or use routing and remote access or similar software.

        You can get an access point for mobile wireless pc cards if that's what you are using in your carpc now or you plan on heading that route as you mention.


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          Well they don't maka access point for gsm do they? I have only seen it for CDMA.

          Your right even with the AP I still would need ICS. Hmm unless i made some static routes. I want to be able to leave it on all the time and still be able to connect to other AP's. Well maybe I can add ICS control to the digital fx skin. I can control the wireless settings from the skin but not sure you can get to the ICS from there.

          I will have to check.

          FKA psptibby


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            At one point in the car I had wired up a Kyocera r1 router with a pcmcia wan slot. I had one of the verizon evdo cards in there. I ran a network cable to the PC to provide it with internet and then wherever my car was i could use my laptop within a pretty good distance to hop on the kyocera's wireless network and go out the verizon wan port. worked really well till i got tired of paying for the service.

            as it turns out though i installed a Millenicom mobile broadband card to my car about 2 hours ago and i LOVE it. the connection speed is pretty good and its 49.99 a month... FLAT no taxes or anything and the best part is.... no equipment fees and no contract! nevermind that verizon and sprint nonsense.... now i just have to find a better spot for the millenicom usb stick since the trunk really messes with the signal
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              I've done this before and it works fine as long and you don't have too many people using it all at once. For a while I did not have internet at home, so I tethered my T-mobile phone (EDGE) to my laptop then ICS'd it out the ethernet port and into the WAN port on my home router. It works fine for browsing, but anything else will be slow unless you have 3G. You can do this in the car too, but I wouldn't use a home router. I would use a PCI or PCI-e card that can do AP (unless you don't have room in your case).

              Originally posted by psptibby View Post
              Well they don't maka access point for gsm do they? I have only seen it for CDMA.
              I may be wrong, but I think they all work with any carrier's PCMCIA cards. I know I've seen at least one that claims this (GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/RxTT/EVDO). I don't see why they wouldn't. The card is providing the data connection and the router is just sharing it, just like how you can you the same router whether you have cable or DSL.


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                It depends on what router you are using. The KR1 may, I belive the KR2 is about ready to be released so if you have to get the Kyrocera you may want to wait. I personally use a CRADLEPOINT CTR350 with a UM150 USB card at the house since I have no access to cable or DSL from here. It's fast enough, I serve up a weather station and a IP camera and it works just fine in addition to my surfing along with my kid's computer.

                The router is WAY much better than ICS, I did ICS on a deskop with my USB card when I first moved here and was waiting for my Cradlepoint. Now I have the USB card plugged into the cradlepoint and it's lan port plugged into my 24port switch. The CTR is also a WiFi access point by the way. When I go on a trip I unplug the CTR350 and place it in the car, the wife has the laptop and she can surf just like at home, probably better since our signal at home is very weak in the woods.

                The reason by the way it depends on the model and carrier you have is that the firmware in the router, whatever router you pick will dial and maintain the connection for you, you just plug it in and wait about 15 seconds for the connection to come up. Check out and also their forums, all the information is on there and their forums are REALLY active, lot's of knowledgeable people on there.