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  • wireless network help and suggestions

    Well im just about to start installing my car pc, and im trying to get my head round setting up the wireless networking.

    I want to be able to upload music etc to the car pc, as well as have access to various hot spots about town.
    I would also like to be able to share files while driving with other peoples laptops in the car.

    also using something cellphone based is NOT an option, as where i live the phone companies are thieving buggers and data is overpriced. eg $30 a month for 200Mb of data, at crap speeds, and 2c per MB after that, $20 more a month if you want static IP.

    its an intel D201GLY board, so i have the option of a PCI slot, USB or a network plug. Im trying to use USB as little as possible as there will be several things plugged in there already.

    Im thinking something like this for the antenna, and all in on jobbie.

    should i get a wireless router and put that in my car and run a normal network cable to my car pc, but then how would that connect to hot spots?
    would a normal PCI wifi card work as an access point?

    any help is appreciated

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    Some PCI wifi cards will work as an access point, but you will want to check for this before purchasing. I know the PCI wifi card that came with one of my Asus boards can actually work as access point and a client at the same time. In this situation, throughput will probably be halved each way, but that sounds like something you're willing to accept. It's been in the back of my closet since I have no use for it yet, but have considered it for my carpc. No idea if it actually works as advertised, but they do exist. There should be other cards that can do this too.


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      Some access points will act as a client. A client is what you need not an access point but I try to purchase "all in one products" since WiFi tech changes so often I have a closet full of stuff that is older an all in one will allow me to use it for other applications.



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        Take a look at the Netgear wireless adapters:

        I bought a Super G for my carpc and I really like it. Easy to use, has a nice control panel, powerful...

        I sit in driveway and use home high-speed, or downtown Philll has a lot of free high-speed nets that are nice.

        I'm considering the netgear antenna extension cable (about $25) so to mount the antenna somewhere like on molding above rear window for even better range.

        I use an IOgear bluetooth dongle for my incredible overpriced T-Mobile wireless phone service ($29.95/mo), but there are no extra charges - always on...

        Happy carpc'ing!

        Happy CarPC'ing!


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          Netgear abt $70 at Best Buy...
          Happy CarPC'ing!


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            That antenna seems good but I can't say since I have not used it, I do plan on installing either that one or something similar on my setup once I decide finally on the hardware. Do be careful though on what hardware you purchase, an access point is not what you are after. What you are looking for is a Client adapter. Now some access points can be used in various configurations but all of them do not have the options you need. Clients are clients, I use a USB one at home for PC's that are temporary ie: Building one on the kitchen table when the wife is not home or in a good mood :-). Clients speak to access points but access points can not speak to access points. Some of the nicer (read: more expensive) access points will work as a client, access point, bridge and repeater. They are not too expensive by today's standards, you can buy one for what an acces point cost 2 years ago, maybe under $100. Do look for something with a removeable antenna so you can buy a special adapter and connect your external one on the car, some are not removeable and you will get very poor coverage if your clent is mounted under a seat or in the trunk. My suggestion would be to purchase an ethernet client or an all in one so you can leave your USB port open for other uses and also leave the PCI slot open. Linksys makes a nice PCI Client but again you use that slot up and it will not do duties of a access point, bridge or repeater. You may not need it today but 2-3 years from now it can be a handy tool that you pick out of your junk box for something else once your car is equipped with satelite internet :-)