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dopod c720w as modem setup?

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  • dopod c720w as modem setup?

    i have a dopod c720w, aka t-mobile dash/htc excalibur/s620. my provider is t-mobile and i just got their internet plan. they told me i can use my phone as the connection for my carpc, just plug in my phone to the pc via bluetooth or usb cable. and when i plug it in, it should work just like that, plug-n-play. but when i tried that, i couldnt quite get it to work. does anyone know if i have to adjust some settings? or has anyone tried that on their phone?

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    What you have is pretty much what I've got:

    The T-Mobile "MDA", which is some model by HTC. I have been using same as my modem for my computer at work (where that's the only way for me to go online)

    Lessee if I can explain how I did it;

    >bought a bluettoth usb dongle by Belkin (my carpc usb dongle is by Iogear...)
    >installed software for dongle; it leads you through config
    >when it gives number to dial up, enter *99#
    >when you click on the icon to connect, your phone will tell you that a bluetooth device is trying to connect. you allow it to, and will have to make up a security code, 4-digit no.
    >once the phone and the pc dongle have "paired", which means they're communicating, then you should be able to click on internet explorer and go online, a wee bit faster than a good dial-up speed.

    I must admit that the above are some pretty lame instructions. That's generally how it's done, but due to a HD crash, I couldn't look on my carpc to see details (as I haven't re-installed my bluetooth driver). Also, T-Mobile cust svce can hook you up with clear instructions. Look on their website. I found it way back when; it just takes a bit of looking. Check this out:

    // h=2&Result_Inq=warp

    Probably one of the smarter guys will chime in and give clearer directions, but if you use your head and follow my gen'l instructions, you should be online in no time.

    Remember that you have to buy a bluetooth dongle to insert in your pc's usb, unless you have a laptop already bluetooth enabled. There is no actual cable connection between the phone and the pc.

    Last but not least, because I am running a desktop pc as my carpc, I installed a Netgear wireless PCI card, which permits me to use my Verizon high-speed internet connection when I'm near the house. Also, i do use other networks wherever I go, as long as they give permission. It's nice to have high-speed AND dial-up, so somehow, someway, i can always get connected. Got the Newtgear at Best Buy $75.
    Happy CarPC'ing!


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      Oops, that T-mobile address is no good. Fiddle with it, and you'll get there...

      Happy CarPC'ing!


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        oh really? so it can only work via bluetooth? it wont work by using a usb cable?


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          but yea..i disabled my bluetooth one time and now i cant seem to enable it i guess im gonna have to reinstall the whole bluetooth thing again..which sucks..but ill try that and see if it works..thanks!


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            Right, only works w/bluetooth dongle, no usb connection.

            Try going into control panel and looking for bluetooth devices there to possibly be able to enable it. If you select dial up and double click on it, you'll see where to enter the T-Mobile *99# phone number.

            Also, on yr phone:
            >start>settings>connections>bluetooth>make device discoverable

            My MDA phone does something goofy; it sometimes unchecks the "make device discoverable" box, thus makeing it not possible to connect. It just does it occasionally; when my carpc says it can't connect, I re-check that box, and dial-up works again.

            If I can assist....happy carpc'ing

            Happy CarPC'ing!


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              thanks! ill try that again..but yea..i also tried that control panel thing to enable it..but it just wasnt working. the lady over at t-mobile said it should work via usb cable or bluetooth..but then again..what do they really know..haha. so when its connected and using the internet..can the phone be used still to make calls?


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                oh..and do you know about roaming charges? like if i were to go up to canada and use the internet feature and use my carpc to connect to it..would that be considered roaming?


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                  Can't make phone calls when online via blue-; mssg says something like "disconnect from internet make phone call..."

                  Get this: I believe that my Verizon high-speed at home is abt $18 per month; T-Mobile dial-up, using my MDA is $30!!??!! To top it off, Philadelphia has that "wired internet city" thingie, but it's over $20 per month. That is, if I wanted to have net available any time as I roam this fair city - - so I look for networks that allow me to log on. There's a neat one downtown called "Forest City", a huge real estate company that permits use of their net; and they claim to be nationwide in all major cities.

                  I don't know anything about roaming in Canada (sounds really nice...) or anywhere else in USA where T-Mobile net doesn't reach. You probably would have difficulty getting straight answer from T-Mob, too.

                  Hey, I didn't notice a profile for you, telling what carpc, etc you have. Maybe it would be good to fill out yr profile a bit. I was just thinking that if you have the availability to get a wireless card attached to yr carpc, it would really increase yr connectivity.

                  As you see, I am running a desktop with a PCI modem, but you might check Netgear to see if they have a usb or some other config that would work 4U. My PCI wireless card cost abt $75 at Best Buy.

                  Where are you? Anyway, happy carpc'ing.

                  Happy CarPC'ing!


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                    ...oops - there's yr specs and loc...

                    Happy CarPC'ing!


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                      haha..yea..i thought i did my specs for my pc..and located over in seattle, wa. im not too sure about the wireless card of now..i just have the usb wifi dongle, and this now bluetooth modem type thing..but for now..i think im okay with just this. its not really like i plan on doing any major online surfing while driving. and usually when i do.. i just park it over at a plce where they have wifi


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                        Originally posted by pnyboy27 View Post
                        oh..and do you know about roaming charges? like if i were to go up to canada and use the internet feature and use my carpc to connect to it..would that be considered roaming?
                        I believe for T-mo, if you're voice calls are roaming in Canada then your data will be too. Best thing to do is call them up and check before you go. When I had T-mo and went to Hawaii I called first to make sure I wouldn't get charged. I had the nationwide, no-roaming plan, but wanted to make sure my data would work there as well. They told me that it will and it's included in my coverage area. Only caveat was that their Hawaii data network was upgraded maybe 1.5 - 2 years earlier and may not work with my ~2 yr old sim card. I was told to go ahead and try it and if it didn't work to just go into a T-mo store and get a newer sim card at no charge.