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Sprint Touch BT Serial Port Trouble!!! Please Help

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  • Sprint Touch BT Serial Port Trouble!!! Please Help

    Hi I thank everyone for this great forum I have learned lots on here and it is a great place. I have a new sprint touch and can't seam to get the serial port to open up over bluetooth. Has anyone had success with this or not. I am using the popular belkin dongle so I know that isn't the problem and can serial connections from other phones. Does anyone know how to get it working on the PPC 6800 which is very similiar?

    Any feedback at all is greatly appreciated.....


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    sometimes, makers of the phone don't include the "profiles" for the different types of bluetooth, effectivley disabling that service ability. For example, the only thing an Apple iPhone can do over bluetooth from the factory is pair with a headset. So, your phone may not be capable of doing data over BT.
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      Unless somebody has direct experience on might have to go the long and tedious route - call Sprint and ask for wireless support.

      Until I memorized how to deal with issues with my T-Mobile "MDA" by HTC, I spent many an hour being shuffled aroung on the phone - eventually ending up in Paki or India to get the assistance needed!

      Good luck and happy carpc'ing

      Happy CarPC'ing!


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        So I should literally call Sprint and the tech support should help me open up the serial port? Thanks for the help I appreciate the response. If anyone has had anyluck with the sprint mogul also known as the ppc 6800 let me know because it is pretty much the same phone.


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          I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to when you say "get the serial port to open up over bluetooth". What exactly do you want to do? I've paired my Touch with my laptop and am able to use ICS on the Touch with no problem. Or are you trying to use it for something other than data access? Using Widcomm drivers, the services that are available on the Touch are OBEX Obj Push, DUN, FTP, NAP, and Voice Gateway.