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Communication standards between car/remotes

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  • Communication standards between car/remotes

    Hey, I'm working on putting a system in my car and I want to be able to do the following remotely..

    - Lock/Unlock doors
    - Roll down/up windows
    - Open door (trigger door pop kit I will install)
    - Pop hatch (with kit I install)
    - Pop hood (also with kit I install)
    - Activate running and/or headlights
    - Activate cabin light
    - Arm/disarm alarm system
    - Start engine (throttle engine even?)
    - Control radio/AV system
    - Disable starter

    If my goal was to set up a system designed to do the above mentioned things, what method of controlling it all would I use? (802.11g? GSM? RF? 2.4ghz? 5.8ghz? IR?)

    In addition to controlling the above features, it has to be..

    - Secure
    - Long-range (3 miles radius would be great, bigger = even better)
    - Efficient (will not unreasonably exhaust battery when not in use, or has some kind of 'sleep mode')
    - Free from most interference (other ppl can't accidentally control my car)

    I am still building on the idea but this is really holding me up. Thanks for the interest in my topic!

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    so you are trying to do this through a computer or what?.......throttle engine?...thought i was the only one to think like I have a 2 way autopage system on my 97 integra gsr and I can rev my motor with the remote. Its definently unique lol.