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    Hi All,

    It seems that someone is always coming along, wanting to do something that's already been done.

    That in mind, for those who want carpc high-speed wireless connectivity, along with regular bluetooth connectivity (thru cell ph), here's my stroy:

    Check my specs for my carpc; I bought a Netgear PCI wireless adapter for (too much) about $70 at Best Buy. It installed flawlessly in my carpc, and I sit in my driveway or downtown philly -using high speed connection.

    But, I have some connectivity problems that I attribute to low signal strength. My carpc is in my cargo cmpt of station wagon; you guys w/carpc in trunk really must have signal problems...

    So, I want to unscrew antenna from PCI card and install antenna extender cable, in order to mount antenna by a window or maybe even make my own magnetic mount for roof. Seemed simple enuf. Let's get some range, here!

    Netgear has cables; I ordered one. It arrived, but gender was wrong: their cable has fem connectors on both ends. One end connects just fine to male on PCI card, other end won't connect to antenna 'cause they're both fem. Netgear has the WORST customer supp't I have encountered - they had no idea how to simply supply me with double-male connector to fix problem. Goofballs extrordinaire....

    Turns out I need a cable with one end SMA fem, the other end RP-SMA male (RP = reverse polarity, see Wikipedia for good article.._)

    Found the cable I need on

    10-feet-RP-SMA-To-SMA-Wireless-Cable-RPSMA10MF STARTECH COMPUTER PRODUCTS 10 feet - RP-SMA To SMA - Wireless Cable - Antenna Adapter Cable (RPSMA10MF) $10.77

    Now, I am wating for it to come in mail. I actually ordered 2 of them - to also extend my home wireless unit antenna to better elevation for broader broadcast/receive range.

    If this works, it should greatly improve connectivity.

    Sorry for the long post, but some other new guys like me may be struggling with similar issues...

    Happy carpc'ing!

    Happy CarPC'ing!

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    the cables arrived today and fit correctly. So, at5 least for a Netgear wireless adapter - if you want to extend the antenna using an extender cable, this is correct one:

    10-feet-RP-SMA-To-SMA-Wireless-Cable-RPSMA10MF STARTECH COMPUTER PRODUCTS 10 feet - RP-SMA To SMA - Wireless Cable - Antenna Adapter Cable (RPSMA10MF) $10.77


    It came in four days, too.

    Now, it will be interesting to see when I'm out in the world if wireless connectivity is better. Thinking of making an antenna mount with a magnetic base to set on roof, too...
    Happy CarPC'ing!


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      In my experience you will notice a big improvement in reception with the external antenna. BTW, if you aren't using it already, you might want to try netstumbler.

      It is much better at locating wifi hotspots than the built-in windows utility.


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        Thanks 'Hammer

        You anticipated my nexy carpc frontier: finding and connecting to networks out there...

        When downtown ("Center City") Philadelphia, there's a realty company called "Forest City" that permits connections to its high-speed service, and they say they've got access points all over USA, in major cities.

        See ya 'round.
        Happy CarPC'ing!


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          Most public libraries have free wireless as do all of the city parks in my town. Many fast food restaurants and coffee shops do as well, though they usually want you to come in and buy something. Be careful connecting to any old unsecured network though. I think it is pretty clear that you can be prosecuted for doing so...though actually case law is still pretty thin at this point.