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Strange Sony Ericsson question

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  • Strange Sony Ericsson question

    I have a sony ericsson that I bought "out of network" and popped my t mobile sim card into. the phone works find and displays "t-mobile" on screen.

    I have my blue tooth dongle working with phone and PC and even have freephone working with it within Road Runner.

    but my question is........ My phone does not let me dial #646# to check minutes like the network bought phone did.

    therefore.... will I not be able to use the *99 dial up script for using my phone for wireless internet since my phone was not purchased with T Mobile?

    (when I log onto My T-mobile using a desktop computer at home to check my billing, they someone know I switched phone because it says "unknown model) And I can't even chose the ericsson from their list because they don't offer it I guess) even though it's the kick as Casino Royale sony ericsson phone)

    Am I right that It probably wont' dial right for internet since it won't even log onto my minutes count?

    I understand that the gay phone companies lock up all the features from phones, but this phone I bought is from the middle east and is unlocked and works fine. But the gay T-mobile sounds like they know how to discover if you are using a different phone and make it so you can't use features?

    Or am I just paranoid.

    Oh, while we're on this subject, my brother who lives in Japan now says that in Japan, your cell phone is not charged for minutes used if someon calls YOUR cell phone. Only if you make the outgoing call with your cell phone.

    Only greedy corporate america locks the **** out of phones and charges you for anything.

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    Until I got it down how to do internet and other functions using my T-Mobile MDA, I spent many an hour with tech support on the phone.

    It seems like a good and simple suggestion that you might consider investing the time to do same. Call them, honestly tell them what eqpt you've got, and what you want to do with it.

    Tedious tho it may be, those hours educated me, and allowed me to be able to fix my cell phone internet connectivity far, so good.
    Happy CarPC'ing!