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Possible to use factory BT System in to PC and RR?

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  • Possible to use factory BT System in to PC and RR?

    I have an 08 Nissan Xterra.. It already has it's own bluetooth phone system with a mic and all factory. I had to ditch my factory HU.. Think it would be possible to hook this up to the CARPC?? Thanks..

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      I'm looking to do the same 2006 G35 Sedan

      Have you had any luck with figuring this out? I'm thinking of by-passing the telephone adapter and using the system with a Car PC. I'll let you know what I come up with.


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        Well to go into more detail, I haven't attempted. It is factory which used the factory deck as it's output. The deck/HU is gone.. I was just wondering the possibilities to adapt the audio out to a 3.5 din (regular stereo jack) so I might input it via line in to the sound card. I think it is to much complication however, unless somebody out there has an idea worth trying. Good Luck.


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          Do you have the schematic?

          If you have the schematic for your microphone system, you can tap into the positive and negative leads to create an output for your adapter. Do you have the wiring diagrams for your audio system?