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Maximize wireless access point output strength

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  • Maximize wireless access point output strength

    Now here is the deal.My isp is offering cable broadband and i would like to apply for it...send the signals wireless using the Alfa USB 500mW WiFI Adapter so i can share with close neigbours.....BTW (I may not use a router I would just simply setup a adhoc network using the adapter and just share my internet connection with who so ever is connected to that ad-hoc network)....I don't know if u guys have ever heard or tried it but it works like a charm.....Anywayz at the same time I am looking for a powerful soulution so that they can connect to my access point or omni attenas without any interference or weak signals....I already bought this adapter will look around for a powerful omni attenna and then provide my clients with smaller directional attennas....Could anyone of you provide some information on what might be the best omni directional attenna that I would be able to connect and use on this alpha unit?I am looking for 12dbi and over for the omni attennas......What do you guys think,am I heading on the right track?