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  • Wireless Crashing

    Ok well I have a usb wireless Ma111 netgear adaptor.It works great in my laptop and home computer with no issues. They run WMC and Win Xp Pro. Now when i first installed Tiny Xp pro on my car pc the thing worked using the manufacture cd. But even using the software and the drivers on that cd windows wanted to install more.... Alsways thought it was a new devise. But if i installed the windows recommended drivers it will crash my system as soon as i plug it in. Sometimes it a blue screen and sometimes its jus black and no matter what i have to restart. How do i remove windows drivers it installed? I tried all the places i can think but nothing helps.

    Also when i installed a standard version of win Xp on carputer it seems to work fine. No issues.

    Basicaly i want the tiny xp to be like i never plug it in.


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    The reason it crashes with TinyXP is that TinyXP is missing components (files and/or services) required to use WiFi.
    Yet another reason why I eschew those pre-made stripped down versions of Windoze.

    You have two options:
    1: Determine which files, serivces, registry keys are missing from TinyXP that prevent your Wifi from working properly and put them back.
    2: Do a full install of XP and strip it down yourself.

    Neither one is very appealing.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Seems after I few tries I got it. Before it wouldnt work with the software installed before I plug it in. But now I had to install software then plug it in. Also on side note the tiny do rev 08 is supposed to have the Servises installed.