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Bluetooth phone control through CB.

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  • Bluetooth phone control through CB.

    Cobra offers a new CB capable of interfacing with your cell phone. Basically, the CB connects to the phone via bluetooth and will output the cellphone's audio through the CB's internal speaker, and allow you to talk through the CB's microphone. You can also "answer" the phone if it rings by pressing the bluetooth button on the microphone. Such a setup would be ideal if you want to address feedback or audio issues (others can't hear you).

    The CB has an external speaker jack that allows you to route the CB's audio to an external speaker, which makes it possible to route the cell phone's audio through a carputer via the line-in jack.

    The only issue with this setup is that you can't see the phone's display on the carputer's LCD screen if you do it this way. I would still want to be able to do this, but the bluetooth CB solves most of the other issues.

    I am assuming the CB uses the cell phone's headset profile for audio links. Would there be anyway be able to control the cell phone with the carputer and hear it through the CB, perhaps with two bluetooth connections? One would be for the CB, and the other for the carputer. Any ideas?

    PS: Check out the CB here:
    Check out my GMC Savana worklog.

    Remaining tasks to facilitate vanputer installation codename "Enterprise":
    - Edit skin to liking.
    - Get compatible phone for
    - Facilitate HVAC control.