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a strange problem with bluetooth and K750i, please help!

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  • a strange problem with bluetooth and K750i, please help!

    After months of research, I finally am able to begin to use a pc in my car. In Turkey probably I'm the 5th or 6th person to do this kind of pimp my ride thing! Anyway...

    After several hours I spent with the bluetooth thing, I was able to use my bluetooth dongle with a widdcom driver, and was able to speak and hear with it in windows. Then I made the freefone work with it. Now in freefone I can see my telephone's adress book, make calls etc. But when I try to call someone through freefone freefone calls that person and understands that I'm talking with somebody, but my handsfree does not work, I can speak with my phone. When I use my phone to call people, I can use my handsfree system, also freefone understands it.

    The same thing true for also receiving calls. When I use freefone to receive a call, it opens the call; but I had to use my phone, because handsfree didn't work; but when I recevie the call by opening it with my cell phone my handsfree works! I could'nt understand what is wrong.

    This situation is same when I use BMV, Carwings skin or freefone standalone.

    Can anybody help me?