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  • Wifi antenna

    Because i am planning for a new mobo, the mini-pici wifi card is replaced by a Alfa usb wifi.

    Now i have an antenna from the mini pci car, its about twice as long as the the one that came with the alfa which is 2 db.

    Looking for an antenna with a better db, i came acros this: Omni2 Car Antenne:

    2400 - 2483 MHz
    Kabellenght 2 meter
    Gain 2 dBi
    Dimensions 1 cm x 2 cm x 15 cm
    Connector Type RP-SMA

    now its only 2 db, but would it be better for use in the car than a normal wifi antenne of about 7 db or 9db?

    I will mount it in the sunroof, next to the gps:
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    Never seen an antenna like that. Mounting it in the sunroof will kill a bit of your signal. Microwaves reflect off metal. The access points you're going to be connecting to probably aren't going to be right above the car.
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