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How to connect to the internet with your phone

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  • How to connect to the internet with your phone

    This thread is to centralize methods of connecting to the internet with your phone via all of the different cell phone carriers.

    One method of connecting per post
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    Windows Mobile 6 :
    Just connect your phone via USB and start Internet Sharing on the phone. The PC will install the driver and you are on the Internet. Easy as Cake.
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      Windows Mobile 5:

      1 Time:
      Install Modem drivers for XP or Vista can be found everywhere online
      Make a connection pointing to the phone as the modem with the number as *99# if an att/cingular person

      Start the WModem on the phone
      Then connect to the PC via usb, serial, ir, or bluetooth
      Start the dialup connection and you are online
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        pdanet for a smartphone or pocket pc phone.