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Trouble With Creating Bluetooth Serial Com Connection

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  • Trouble With Creating Bluetooth Serial Com Connection

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post although i have solved many of my car pc problems via the helpful threads on mp3car!

    There is however 1 problem that i just can not seem to fix - and it has popped up many times on these forums but i can't solve the problem. Here Goes:

    I have a nokia N95, and a conwise bluetooth dongle coupled with IVT - Bluesoleil 1.6x... Using the BS 1.6 Stack i can pair with my phone and create a bt serial connection FINE, centrafuse links up with the phone and the battery + signal status is accurate and i can initiate calls.. etc however 1.6 doesn't allow for audio gateway and i therefore can't use the carputer as a hands-free kit as such.

    So i tried many other stacks with this unit but none of them had support for this dongle "even with patches". It got me fairly frustrated and i purchased a new dongle with the widcomm 5.xx stack.. I was happy as this could do audio gateway and headset as well as many other services.

    Thinking all was good i then tried to make a simple bt serial connection using this new dongle - No good i had received messages such as "could not be started" "port not found" "the device has closed the connection" Phone Control stated that the service couldn't be found...
    I Couldn't work it out - I was able to speak/hear through the car pc but unable to actually control the phone. I have been searching like mad and tried all sorts of things such as:

    -Remove BT Stack and start again
    -Restart PC several time
    -add extra bt com ports
    -Remove GPS, all unnecessary peripherals.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction i would much appreciate it, i am literally pulling my hair out.

    PS: Currently At work but when i get home i will take some screen shots if required and i can provide more detailed info.

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    hi i have the same problem with the same phone
    although i know it can be done as i have done it before ,then my motherboard fried

    after waiting over a month to go and get a replacement doing a full reinstall ,i cannot get the phone to connect on the serial port now at all ,and i cannot remeber how i did it last time , feel like selling the whole lot and going back to a car stereo


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      Unable to add serial port

      I am using the 5.1 widcomm drivers and am having very similar issues. My problem seems to be that the software adds the bluetooth modem, but windows is unable to find a driver for it. Then the device gets removed after a few seconds and the widcomm software simply leaves the dialog box open to click finish or cancel. If I click finish, it starts a vicious loop. Cancel aborts the whole process. But I have no idea what to do.

      I tried manually updating the driver through the device manager and it appears that the software waits for that dialog and automatically selects appriopiate options. So I can never try to select manual drivers.

      Anybody have any ideas?

      I am running XP SP2 with minlogon


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        Anyone have updates?


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          yeah you have to use a dun connection and use it as a modem on your pc that way it gives you the correct serial port


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            Wow there are a few people that are having this problem (i am not alone hah) I had pretty much given up on trying to get BT Handsfree to work since i posted this thread.

            When you say use a DUN connection do you mean actually initiate a DU connection or just enable the service?



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              Any upadates? Im working on my BlackJack II with no luck.


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                OK, what I just did for my Blackberry...

                Make sure your phone is paired and the dial-up service is enabled.

                Check in the device manager and see if there is a "Modems" entry containing a "Bluetooth Modem".

                If not, go into your "Bluetooth Places" (I'm using Widcomm) and double click on your phone. Right click the dial-up networking icon and click properties. This should populate the modem in device manager.

                Double click the modem in device manager and click the "Modem" tab. On the top is the com port assigned to it.

                Open up Hyperterminal and create a connection for that com port 9600-8-N-1 (You'll see the modem in the list. Don't use it, use the com port). Click the connect button, the computer should connect to the phone and you'll see the double green arrows on the dialup networking icon in your phone in your Bluetooth Places.

                In Hyperterminal type "ati" or "ati4". You should see some information about your phone. You should be good from here.


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                  I have a BlackJack II and there is no longer a dial up service over bluetooth. The have internet connection sharing but i cant get it to work because i dont have a data plan. I setup fails because of this. I find it odd that it also does not offer a serial port connection but you can add com ports in the settings menu. I have yet to figure out how to use these created com ports. I have been working on bluetooth so long and cant seem to get it to work.