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Proper Bluetooth phone application (Paid or free)

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  • Proper Bluetooth phone application (Paid or free)

    Hi all,

    I'm just wondering if there's a paid or free application out there that works properly with most phones for blueooth integration ?

    I'm trying to put together a complete system and am using roadrunner as my front end, but freefone isn't really working properly with most of the phones I've tried (windows mobile, Motorola, Nokia) and I understand that phone is no longer available.

    It's quite important that I get this part of things working for my project and wondered if there's any other options out there, even if it's a paid option, that's OK, but I'm just struggling to find anything..... I've been searching on here and elsewhere for days...........

    I've only been able to get Phone control 1.5 so maybe 1.7 will be my solution, but it's not available any more

    Also, thinking maybe I might have to change the front end to Centrafuse.......does their Bluetooth integration work well ?

    Open to all suggestions / experiences with getting this to work.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Centrafuse is looking promising for bluetooth, but right now its still unstable, but hey, it kinda worked for the iPhone.


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      Yeah I've downloaded the latest evaluation version of Centrafuse and it looks really good to be honest and although it won't display my phones addresses or missed/dialled calls etc when in windows it does get that info so clearly it's just the way Centrafuse is reading things, so it's significantly further than I've got before and since it's obviously not ready for release I've turned the attention of my project to Centrafuse as a front end instead of Roadrunner.........shame really as I was hoping to use the Omega skin when it's finally released, however I want my devices to work like an appliance more than a PC, just want the basic stuff and want it to work and it seems Centrafuse is much further along the track of having everything look integrated relative to Road runner.

      Hoping to discuss options with Centrafuse team once I can get hold of them.