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USB Wifi card recommendations?

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  • USB Wifi card recommendations?

    Just wondering if anybody has had good luck with a particular USB wifi card?

    I had to remove my PCI wifi card due to space and cooling issues, so I'm looking for a USB card recommendation.

    It would be nice if I could sneak a decent one (if there is such a beast) up under my headliner by the front or rear window and get reasonable range..........

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    i used DLINK usb wifi card before, works great!


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      Netsuo EUB-362-EXT FTW.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
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        I am using this one: cheap Edimax pci card.

        Haven't had it in the system long (haven't had the SYSTEM long...) but working fine, in both Windows AND linux.

        EDIT- Sorry, I missed the USB part.



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          I'm thinking about getting either this 300mW Real-Tek one or this 500mw Alfa one.

          Has anyone used either of them and can comment?


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            Netgear WG111 for me. it sits under my seat and can pick up the AP that is inside my apt.
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