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'06 G35 Bluetooth phone mod to '07 Display

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  • '06 G35 Bluetooth phone mod to '07 Display

    just purchased an '06 G35x with Bluetooth. I drove an '07 with Bluetooth and really liked the ability to sync my Blackberry with the car's address book. So, here's what I'd like to do:

    1. I'd like to move the mic from the center of the vehicle so I don't have to see a neck specialist with every oil change. (I've seen the other threads with the mic moved to the "card holder" to the left on the driver side.)
    2. Mod the system with a display so that I can use the buttons on the steering wheel to make calls and hang up.
    3. Caller id across my screen. (Basically the functionality of the '07 on my '06)
    4. Sync address books with the car and my BB

    My initial thought is to totally bypass the telephone module and integrate it directly into a new Car PC. What does anyone think? Thanks in advance!

    '06 G35x Sedan "Good people copy, great people steal" -Picaso